This journey is for everyone, but starts only when it is time for you to know. It can not start before or after. Then the deconstruction of everything you believed yourself to be can start and you understand that everything you’ve done before was only the preparation for the journey of awakening into your true nature.

Consciousness is all there is | Rune Heivang
Consciousness is all there is | Rune Heivang

Rune’s teaching – The Map of Reality

If you feel there must be something more to life… If you’ve noticed that you spin in circles, that your life unfolds within the same patterns… If you have been seeking and searching everywhere, from Masters, teachers, counsellors, therapists, shamans… through seminars, books, meditation… If you still have not found… healing, love, prosperity, silence….

Stop seeking! This is the way to understand who you really are. And you will be able to know the simple answer to all your questions: Consciousness is all there is. And you are it!


Beyond philosophical concepts, techniques or methods that aim to teach you what to do, to become “something” or “someone.” Beyond spirituality, psychology and religion, this understanding can bring you everything you have always wanted.

© Rune Heivang | 2017